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odm aircons Rates

Multi Unit Major Service
R 280
  • Cleaning indoor coils
  • Cleaning outdoor coils
  • Checking refrigerant level
  • Clean filters
  • Cleaning the barrel fan
  • Cleaning and testing drain lines
  • Checking all electrical connections
  • Testing Amp draws on all motors
  • Checking starting capacitors
  • Check Structure Strength
  • Checking all bearings
  • Check overall condition of the system
  • Attending to corrosion where evident
  • Giving a report back where necessary
*Re-Gas is R260.00 (R22A and R410A)Per KG|
Multi Midwall Unit Installation
R 880
  • Back to Back Installation
  • Height limited to 2.8 metres high
  • Wall must be Bricks
  • Pipe runs upto to 3 metres
  • No trunking is included
  • Electrical connections will be limited to 3 metres into the closest plug point
  • This does not include additional electrical equipment or isolators required
  • One metre drain pipe included
  • Anything extra will incur additional costs
  • Please check if you will need outdoor unit brackets
  • 1 Year Warranty
*Terms and Conditions apply
Single Split Unit Installation
R 1600
  • Back to Back Installation
  • Free Wall Brackets
  • Free Drain Pipe
  • Free DryWall Screws
  • Free Ties
  • 3Pin Plug
  • 1 Year Warranty
*rates are subject to change

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List of Average Air Conditioning Repair Cost

The air conditioning repair costs listing below are for reference only.

Starting from:-

  1. 9000BTU   = R 1600.00 
  2. 12000BTU = R 1600.00
  3. 18000BTU = R 1600.00
  4. 24000BTU = R 2,890.00
  5. 32000BTU = R 2,890.00
  • Price Includes Free 80 Kilometres from Tzaneen and Wall Brackets”
  • Discount available for bulk installations”

Starting from R980.00 – R1690

Starting from R890.00 –

A/C charging up to 1kg (R410A and R22A Plus free 60 Kilos away from Tzaneen.

Starting from R450.00 – R950.00
*Depends primarily on the amps, type of isolators and/or site accessibility

Starting from R780.00

Starting from R780.00

Starting from: R740.00

Starting from R790.00 – R1460.00

Starting from R880.00
*may include refrigerant which is not included*

Starting from R1460.00
*Size and type variables

Starting from R1460.00

*as evap coil